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These are my words. They have not been generated by an artificial intelligence chatbot. They have not been co-opted by the religious right or the secular left. There is no product placement in this movie. I may deconstruct. I may have a revival. But there is no deconstructionism or revivalism celebrated here. Faith in the Lord is a hell of a thing. It makes things so very clear. It will separate us from our idols. It will keep us from putting hope in things like worldly power and ambition. It will teach us to cherish and build small things. It will teach us to defy self-righteous mobs. It will lead us to the blessing of losing over and over again. It will make us proclaim with the Apostle Paul, “We stopped relying on ourselves and learned to rely on only God, who raises the dead.” Trusting God feels like the sound of Bach’s cello suite No. 1 in G Major: it gives us real strength, not in the hope that God might rescue us but that God is perfectly fine with allowing circumstances from which rescue is necessary, so that we can find out that the life of Jesus is evident even in, especially in, our dying bodies. You see, you can live your life in the easy comfort of unbelief or you can go on with God into the messy reality of white hot faith. Do not mistake God as being the person who is going to “bless” you with health and wealth. No, he is the person who is going to save you from your practical atheism, from drowning in the waters of materialism. I know a man who is a mystic, a saint, and for no other reason than he blessed his son, his son who valets cars on the weekends so that he can shape surfboards during the week, his true passion. This mystic spoke over his son, “go become the greatest surfboard shaper that you can be”, knowing full well that he would not be able to earn enough of a living on surfboard building alone BUT that man, that prophet, stood in the face of every god of this Bull Market Age and said “TO HELL WITH YOU, my children will live as artists and servants before their fellow man” and when I heard him say this I could feel salvation coming to my household and all of a sudden I knew that true contentment was possible.

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