Poet Priest Magazine
Volume 01 

Pre-order available now.

Poet Priest Vol. 1 is more than a book. It’s a spectacle of meaning. It’s 125 pages filled with the tender and brutal contemplations of singer-songwriter Andy Squyres, designed by the rogue malcontents known as Choirgirl. Part Kerouac, part Kanye, this compilation of words and icons is both a devotional and a statement piece that no coffee or side table should be without. Printed on premium quality paper and bound by a semi-thick cover Poet Priest Vol. 1 is the first offering in the Poet Priest series.

Pre-order available through October 22. All books ordered until October 22 will be signed by Andy Squyres.

Andy Squyres has
no damns to give.
© 2021 Andy Squyres